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  • Feeding all your energetics bodies

    Want to eat healthily is a good thing, but many people who decide to change their diet often take into account only the physical aspect, as if we were only bodies of flesh ... It therefore seems important here to provide some thoughts that we hope will bring you to realize the importance of healthy eating as well as our physical bodies that our subtle bodies.

  • Awakening to the Reality of the World

    The awakening to reality The truth seeker is to be passionate, enthusiastic, bold, persevering, who let life become fully manifest in him by letting flow freely through its own space. This space is quiet as uncluttered, empty of all objective representations. "You have a burning heart in an empty and silent peace," says Eckhart. Here is a documentary series which will enable you to understand and realize the reality in which we live. It is only by understanding the real hope that we can free ourselves. The reality can be seen as we have not abandoned our false identifications, as the necessary recounts have not been made, as we have not understood that nothing separates us from our essence, if is our mind that makes this idea of ​​distance, which creates stages and a goal. The realization is inseparable from counting, nudity to be. Awakening presupposes deleting a player myself, fainting of one who desires enlightenment. Nothing happens as long as there entity wanting to know the answer to the question: Who am I? The awakening can be caused by ego, object itself in this phenomenal world. Timeless reality can not even be discovered by a mind constantly in motion, feeding time. All research is useless because it is mental and can not provide a particular mental state. But enlightenment is not a special status: it's back to the source of our being. This reality is still there, but we can not see that when the mind stops. Time then stops. The realization of our eternal nature is therefore possible: we are in the pure presence, without waiting for the great leap out of time ...

  • Cultivate Respecting Nature

    Some new techniques, equipment and products for the electroculture 1 magnetic antennas beeswax. Magnetoculture technique. 2 Electromagnetic fertilizing type Christofleau 3 paramagnetic Tours fertilization: wave natural frequencies as waves schuman 4 solar fertilizing transceiver, small solar panel electrical stimulation of the ground 5 Antennas wave generator schumann 6 Dynamiseur electronic seed. 7 Apparatus Electroflash electromagnetic transfer of product information or fertilizer on the field or water spray. 8 Dynamiseur type water Marcel Violet. 9 Apparatus for treating water for irrigation or spraying, a sharp passive system. Energizing water. Prevents scaling. Prevents aspyxie soil. Improves the availability and absorption of nutrients. Increases rooting and growth. 10 Agnihotra: simple and effective techniques that inspired biodynamic Ayurvedic techniques. 11 Pyramids to boost seeds for the garden, to build a greenhouse pyramid. Pyramids kits. Magnets 12 sizes for 13 electroculture Antennas atmospheric Paulin Géomagnétifère or électrovégétomètre kind. Lee Crock device 14 of 15 electroculture scalar wave generator consists of magnets to treat and accelerate the growth of plants 16 dish-shaped shell snails modified to ask the foot of plants 17 Circuits Lakhovsky rings for plants and trees. 18 Applications of sound frequencies, music and plants

  • Alternative Medecine

    The term refers to non-conventional medicine in the West, a variety of treatment methods from some old traditions or practices have emerged around the nineteenth century, generally before the advent of the scientific method. Non-conventional medicines are therefore generally considered pseudoscientific by much of the medical community. Depending on the country, and their traditions and laws, they can be spread (Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, England ...) tolerated (as in France and some Latin countries) or prohibited. They often have a preventive purpose in a care setting out references of modern medicine. They develop as a complement or alternative to conventional medicine and were used by 20 to 50% of the population of the European Community according to statistics from the late twentieth century.

  • Sacred Vortex Geometry

    The Sacred Vortex Geometry is a concept aimed at restoring some paradigm of our civilization and explaining why we are went so far. Ourspecies is currently threatened by its own desire to control matter instead of spiritual experience. Mathematics could be one of the causes of our mistake. The Sacred Vortex Geometry is trying to give another point of view.