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Seawater Bio-AquaCell Hypertonic™ 500 ml

Seawater Bio-AquaCell Hypertonic™ was specially bottled for the Center of Biological Sciences of Health. Seawater that we propose is a product called 'living'. Grandfather of Professor Soriano, personally knew René Quinton which he transmitted the requirements on how to extract and filter seawater Our choice was made from this information.

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"The cell lives in the animal organism like a fish in water, it is in a real aquarium inside our body. But where the work of Quinton parachevaient those of Claude Bernard is demonstrating the nature of the indoor environment, proving he was literally on the sea water, this aquarium was therefore a marine aquarium, which continue to live in conditions of origins, cell colonies. "(André Mahé)

René Quinton discovered by a series of experiments that the internal environment, that is to say all Fluid extracellular components (including interstitial fluid in which "bathe" cells), which is in its chemical composition and Organic, to approach that of the seawater in which the life has occurred. There is therefore a constant composition throughout the ages, which may reflect the optimal character of the marine liquid for maximum cellular activity. René Quinton preferred the term "life support" to that of "internal environment".


This is when viper, cold-blooded animal, slipped transfixed by the autumnal chill in the family room, René Quinton sketched the first of his theories of constancy. Lethargic, the snake quickly recovered its activity under the influence of ambient heat. The scientist then had the idea that there must be an optimum temperature for which the cell vital activity could be expressed maximally. Deepening his thought through research, he realized that the reptiles appeared at a time when the global temperature was consistently high, their character pretending poikilotherm then adapted to an appropriate temperature outside the cell functioning. He speculates that with the gradual cooling of the earth from its poles, new animals have developed a calorific value which can increase and regulate the temperature of the body to these new environmental conditions more hostile. His experiments showed him that for any type of animal cell, life is not above 44 ° C or 45 ° C. It therefore held that the animal life appeared in the seas when their temperature is lowered to this level. He noted further that this temperature is where any type of animal cell sees achieve its optimum activity (ie including animal organisms whose temperature is lower). Finally, he noted the correlation between phylogeny and temperature in animal organisms: the most recent are those whose temperature reaches 44 ° C optimal. Over the ages, new species are created from old, able, by combustion, significantly increase their temperature to fight against cooling the environment.

"The observation of specific temperatures they show precisely the species range in the order of their appearance, the oldest appeared (monotremes, marsupials, Edentata, etc..), Specific very low temperature [examples: specific temperatures. Platypus (Monotreme), 25 ° C; Echidna (Monotreme), 30.7 ° C; Opossum (Marsupial), 33 ° C, Ai (toothless), 31 ° C; Armadillo (toothless), 34 ° C, etc.]. - The most recent species, already higher Mammal [almost all levels of the class specific temperature, but limited as habitat for warm regions of the Earth, specific temperatures 33 ° C to 37 ° C; examples: Hippo 35.3 ° C; Myopotame 35.5 ° C; Vampire, 35.5 ° C; Elephant, 35.9 ° C, etc.. - First Birds, Ratites, Apteryx, 37 ° C - Primates: Male, 37.2 ° C] - the last appeared finally to the highest specific temperatures at the same time as the coldest habitat [ carnivorous mammals and ruminants, 39-41 ° C; Carinates Birds, 40-44 ° C] 4. "
Law of thermal constancy

"In front of the cooling of the globe, life appeared to cell state by a predetermined temperature tends to maintain its high cell function, among indefinitely raised thereto, this temperature origins organisms. "

Marine Act consistency

"The animal life appeared in the form of cell in the seas, tends to keep to its high cellular function through the zoological series, the constituent cells of organisms in the marine origins. "
Law of constancy osmotic

Quinton has shown that the most recent species in the scale of evolution and those who had a more intense cellular activity were those whose constitution and thermal conditions of the internal environment were closer to those of the water Sea origins. There is one important difference: the salt concentration. The internal environment of the bird has a concentration of 7.2 g of sodium chloride in 1000, while the current of sea water has a concentration of 33 to 1000 g. Quinton believes that animal life appeared when the sea had a concentration of 7 to 8 g per 1000. As a result, most animal organisms are close to the current salt concentration, the more they are old (and have undergone environmental variations). Today, there is no evidence scientifically that the salt concentration of the sea has increased over the last 600 million years9. The sediment analysis shows that it has not changed in the last 200 million years.10
Law of constancy osmotic

"The animal life appeared in the form of cell in seas of a given salt concentration, tended to keep to its high cellular function through the zoological series, the concentration of origins. "
General law consistent

Law of general consistency, which is a synthesis of three laws that precede (laws thermal constancy, marine and osmotic) thus states by René Quinton:

"In the face of variations of any kind that may be suffered, over the ages, the different habitats, animal life appeared in the form of cell in the physical and chemical specific conditions, tends to keep to its high cellular function, through the zoological series, these conditions origins. "
Philosophical significance

Most of the philosophical impact that the theories of René Quinton is synthesized by the general law of constancy.

The publication in 1904 of The Seawater, organic medium is widely reported in the world press, many journalists saw René Quinton in a "French Darwin" 11.

Theories Quinton at first seem to oppose those of Lamarck and Darwin. While transformisme reflects the variation of life through the ages, in a report of submission or domination of the environment in a strictly evolutionary framework, theories of René Quinton reflect the essential constancy of life, animal variation with intended to protect this vital consistency variations of the outside world. Henri Bergson, however, states in his creative evolution that the two designs are not inconciliables12. They can even be complementary as synthesized Albert Dastre "Darwin tells us that obedience to the law of adaptation governs animal forms. Quinton tells us that resistance to adaptation governs animale13 life. "

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No treatment applied to water.
Filtration filter microparticles.
No exposure to gamma rays.

Store away from light and refrigerated after opening.


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